The Haiti Indigent Patient Fund was established in 2011 through the registered charity Amistad International. The sole purpose of the Haiti Indigent Patient Fund is to supplement and subsidize the actual costs associated with providing orthopedic and medical care to the indigent in Haiti.

It is the dream of many associated with Haiti Adventist Hospital and Haiti Indigent Patient Fund to provide excellent orthopedic care to all Haitians regardless of their ability to pay and that no Haitian should ever be turned away from the door. All proceeds from the sale of Haiti: Together We Move will go directly to the Haiti Indigent Patient Fund. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Please use this page if you wish to receive a copy of the book while donating a larger amount to the Haiti Indigent Patient Fund. If you wish to receive your copy of the book while donating the minimum suggested donation of $50 per book please click on “The Book” tab above. Thank you for your generous contribution to our cause.

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