HAITI: Together We Move is a website that brings you a pictorial which documents the Haiti earthquake disaster and the incredible work our orthopedic missionary team has done to help restore the lives of thousands of Haitians.

The Haiti Indigent Patient Fund is a part of Amistad International which is a 501(c)(3).

The Haitian Indigent Patient Fund has been set up so that caring people across the world can contribute to our cause on the ground, repairing those who are injured, and helping those in pain.

Our team is made up of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff which remain on the ground, helping Haitians day in and day out. To learn more about our organization, cause, and the book which has been put together, please use the links on the right.

About Amistad International

Amistad International serves impoverished people at the request of communities around the world. Their objective is to share knowledge and resources as they are needed and wanted, understanding many cultures are fragile and even in danger of disappearing completely. Their goal is to be in solidarity with developing communities, helping as they are able yet leaving as small a footprint as possible.  Amistad International believes in empowering indigenous cultures through  education and promotion of enlightened community leadership.

The mission statement of Amistad International:

Amistad, a word meaning friendship in Spanish, is a nonprofit public charity helping to fund several humanitarian, self-help, and education programs around the world. We are the rich and the poor who’ve joined hands to build self-sustaining, healthful, and economically viable communities.